Mission Statement

Corruption free Bangalore

Governance is providing the Quality infrastructure to the tax payers, before they ask for it.

If Citizens have to do all the work themselves, then what is the use of the Government ?

The corona Virus pandemic has shown us the need to stay united

We started off as a small group of people working to solve local problems. A simple act of washing hands and wearing masks would have solved many issues, but due to lack of awareness, the COVID virus has claimed many lives.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the most efficient government services, without compromising on quality or reliability. We also aim to prove our commitment to development, progress of people and society, so that we continue our relationship for many years.

Core Values

  • Consider honesty is the key to trustworthiness and integrity. Corruption is a shortcut and will never bring lasting solutions to problems.
  • Always do the right thing to solve problems.
  • Perform all work with the highest level of excellence in mind.

Why we are winning?

There is a reason why our government is supported by People of Delhi, 3 times in a row. We do not believe in tall promises and spending your tax money in mindless beautification works. It is easy to beautify a lake, rather than clean it.

Whatever we promise, we deliver. It is a guarantee.

People in AAP are :

  • Intelligent, sensible people.
  • Good intention + Zero corruption = Richer Society. Have Good intention with educated leadership to execute.
  • 100% leaders are from your area.
  • AAP leadership is focused, and listening to your problems.
  • On-demand and always working leadership

Around the neighborhood:

“Ashok is a local leader and he is available to listen to us”

Jagadish Shetty
Vice President

” AAP leadership have people who are dedicated and also take time to talk to people “

Divyashree K S
Ward Observer

” AAP work to recognize senior citizens is commendable “

Veena M
Vice President

“join me and strengthen India”

Prithvi Reddy

State Convener, AAP Karnataka

“It is easy to say that politics is dirty and need to improve. But to participate and improve the nation is an effort we all have to make”

Mohan Dasari

President, AAP Karnataka

“Easy to be a critic. Very difficult to participate and actually improve society”

Shanthala Damle

State Co-Convener

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